Water treatment and legionella prevention in rest and retirement homes/care homes

Low and weakened immune systems, old age and chronic illness are all major factors that can contribute to the risk of contracting legionnaire’s disease. This is why care homes should be at the very forefront of controlling the risk of legionella on their premises. An up to date legionella risk assessment is the starting point.

Water temperature can also be a high risk area, scalding can be the cause of serious injury. This is why we provide TMV servicing to reduce the risk of scalding.

Water storage tanks require maintaining and sampling on a regular basis, the tanks must comply with all legislation and such things as vermin screens.

All hot water storage facilities also require servicing on an annual basis to prevent any risk of legionella due to poor circulation or low temperatures
Regular sampling programs and any remedial work required will also be highlighted in any site reports

At pureflow solutions we are dedicated to providing the best service due to the very nature of the susceptibility of the residents who live in care homes and pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our customers, our maintenance programs will provide a safer and cleaner environment for all your residents

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