Public buildings are forever being asked to be more efficient in their water consumption and to demonstrate best environment practice. As they have a large number of visitors and staff using local authority, government and public buildings it is essential that the water systems are kept in a clean safe and compliant condition with regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

At pureflow we offer sound water management services to assist local authority and those who operate large public venues like football stadiums or arena venues to be more efficient in their consumption of water, whilst at the same time meeting health and safety standards.

Whether you require a full legionella risk assessment or a simple water sample, whether you are a large local authority building or a small visitor centre, we at pureflow have a service for you

Legionella risk assessment and corrective remedial work, water storage tank cleaning and disinfection, hot water calorifier cleaning and disinfection, heating system treatment and maintenance, dedicated sampling programmes, TMV servicing, showerhead cleaning and disinfection.

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