Water treatment / water storage tank cleaning and disinfection

Pureflow solutions were asked to attend a local primary school that was experiencing problems with their domestic water services and poorly maintained water storage tanks.

Scope of Works:

  • Chlorination and clean of domestic water tank
  • Chlorination and clean of break tank
  • Chlorination and clean of internal main and associated outlets
  • Legionella water sampling & monitoring
  • Water temperature checks & monitoring

Pureflow solutions approach

We engaged directly with the sites head and maintenance team in the planning and carrying out of all legionella compliance tasks and worked with them to ensure there was little or no disruption to the day to day running of the school wherever possible.

Pureflow solutions created a tailored water treatment package to meet the school’s needs. This package consisted of cleaning and disinfection of the domestic water storage tanks along with regular inspections, flushing and disinfection of water systems along with regular water sampling and monitoring. We at purewater solutions have a vast experience of how to help you maintain a clean, safe water supply and fully compliant with the HSE’s approved code of practice on legionella prevention

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